Vitess Roadmap

Upcoming features planned for development

As an open source project, Vitess is developed by a community of contributors. Many of the contributors run Vitess in production, and add features to address their specific pain points. As a result of this, we can not guarantee features listed here will be implemented in any specific order.

If you have a specific question about the Roadmap, we recommend posting in our Slack channel, click the Slack icon in the top right to join. This is a very active community forum and a great place to interact with other users.

Short Term #

  • Improve Documentation
  • Improve Usability
  • Support more MySQL Syntax (improve compatibility as a drop-in replacement)
    • Certify popular frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Hibernate etc.
  • Vitess-native unplanned failovers
  • Pluggable durability policies
  • Nightly benchmarking (regression testing)
  • Schema changes through vitess
    • gh-ost and pt-osc integration
  • VReplication
    • VExec tool for management

Medium Term #

  • Vttablet to manage more than one MySQL schema
  • Rewrite of vtctld UI including visualization of VReplication
  • VReplication throttling
  • Binlog server
  • Topology Service: Reduce dependencies on the topology service. i.e. Vitess should be operable normally even if topology service is down for several hours. Topology service should be used only for passive discovery.
  • Support for PostgreSQL: Vitess should be able to support PostgreSQL for both storing data, and speaking the protocol in VTGate.
Vitess Roadmap