Frequently Asked Questions about Vitess

Where can I ask questions about Vitess? #

Our most popular channel and the one we recommend for asking questions you may have is our Slack located here.

We have a number of other options that can be used as well listed here.

Please do note that we request that you do not ask individual project members for support. Instead please use these channels where the whole community can help you and benefit from the solutions provided. Thanks!

What are the key slack channels to join? #

There are many channels available and we encourage you to join as many or as few as interest you. Some of the most popular channels are listed below:

  • #kubernetes
  • #monitoring
  • #operator
  • #orchestrator-integration
  • #releases
  • #vreplication

How can I contribute a Pull Request to Vitess? #

We always enjoy having new contributors to Vitess. Just be sure to read the information here to start.

If you are already familiar with Vitess and you’d like information on how to file a Pull Request or submit an Issue request check out the following links:

What are good videos to watch to get started learning about Vitess? #

We have a number of recorded presentations and videos that can be watched to start learning about Vitess.

PlanetScale also hosts a number of videos on Vitess.

  • For a curated list please check out a PlanetScale blog post here.

Where can I read additional FAQs? #

PlanetScale hosts a knowledge base for Vitess. This additional resource is available here.